Success is a repeatable formula. I see so many struggling pool companies that all seem to share a few things in common. They all lack direction, sales goals, and a solid marketing plan. My company Pool Marketing focuses on helping pool builders and pool service companies overcome the hurdles that prevent them from achieving their goals. Let me share with you some of the insights I’ve learned through my experience working with pool companies on their marketing.

Successful pool companies share 3 things in common — Direction, Goals, and Marketing

A Pool Sales Team Needs Direction, Goals and Marketing Support

Direction, Sales Driven Goals, and an executable Marketing Plan are literally the cornerstones of building a successful sales team. …

It’s incredible to me how artistic the field of pool design truly is. The industry itself has come a long way since it’s humble beginnings with rough hand sketches and templates. Only twenty or thirty years ago, pool design was largely undertaken by experienced architectural draftsmen. Pool construction companies also utilized a series of shape templates that would allow them to rough out an initial concept.

Experienced designers could hand draft a pool by eye with near pinpoint accuracy without any shapes or templates. …

This week Pool Contractor just provided it’s 25,000th swimming pool estimate using our live pool calculator. Since we launched the new website, we’ve had hundreds of thousands of visitors from homeowners around the country looking to get an estimate from a swimming pool contractor.

Download the Pool Contractor app on Google Play and Apple

Our pool company directory has evolved. Recently we’ve developed a new Pool Contractor app for Apple and Google to make it even easier for homeowners to find a pool builder or pool service company. The feedback we’ve received on the new app so far has been tremendous.

I’ve been helping businesses generate leads for over two decades. The methodology that I use for lead generation differs from one business to the next. Not all businesses are the same. Treating each market identically and each business the same is a recipe for failure.

The target audience for a swimming pool contractor might be very heavy on Facebook, but for a pool service company we may do better showing before & after photos of cleaned pools on Instagram. the leader in pool service marketing and pool builder marketing has some recommendations to share with you today on ways that you can improve your pool companies visibility. Here are a list of free advertising resources for pool companies to get their name out there and start generating leads for their new pool company.

I get asked all the time, how much does a swimming pool cost? There are so many determining factors that can dictate how much an inground pool costs that there really is no easy answer to the question. The answer is (drumroll) it depends. Depends on what? Well let’s get into it. Here are a few things that can ultimately determine how much that pool is going to cost you out the door. is a new real time Pool Calculator that tells you how much an inground pool costs in real time
  1. Labor / Subcontractor base
    In many markets the subcontractor base for skilled labor such as masonry, concrete work, steel / rebar, tile and coping and the like is…

Google’s search algorithm is forever trying to find a happy medium between providing good local results and quality keyword specific search results. Many times the local results for any given search query will dramatically change from market to market. If you’re not aware of this, try performing a search for a keyword on Google. Google will take into account your GPS position and skew the results to provide you the best local information first. Now try performing the same search in a different metro.

Google Searches are Hyper Local, But Changing Metros Isn’t Easy

Um, “how do I change my…

One of the biggest challenges pool companies I interact with face — is improving their branding and visibility in their market. I see many websites that are antiquated (older than 5 years). Pool companies operate for years not knowing why their website doesn’t rank well for search and why it doesn’t generate enough leads.

Your slow and outdated website is costing you potential leads and sales every single day.

Your “Brand New” Website Hit Middle Age Last Year

It’s funny how people perceive a website as being “still brand new” at 5 years old. People buy a new iphone every year or upgrade their laptop every 2 years. They spend thousands of dollars on a new truck wrap every couple years. …

Google Answer Box now appears to be eating up clicks at an astonishing rate. What many SEO’s embraced as “top tier positioning” may have certain drawbacks in terms of actually generating traffic.

Google Answer Box Siphons Web Traffic, So the question is… Is it really worth it?

Want to know where all your traffic went? Google Answer Box is now devouring web traffic with it’s Featured Snippet — Instant Answers. Call them “zero clicks” or “click stealing”. If you don’t know what Google Answer Box is, here’s an example:

I searched Google for “inground pool prices”. …

I speak with alot of companies about lead generation and prospecting for customers. It’s a constant thought in the back of the minds of CMO’s and Marketing Directors as well as company owners. There’s an ebb and flow to web traffic, interest, and lead generation - specifically as it pertains to the pool industry. Folks in the industry understand that and are prepared for a swell in demand due to seasonality. Nobody was prepared for Covid-19 or the unpredicted side effects.

Right now we’re experiencing unprecedented demand in the swimming pool industry. Homeowners everywhere are motivated to build their own…

Joe Trusty - CEO of Pool Marketing

Founder of Pool Marketing. Joe helps Pool Companies experience unimagined growth in their business and excels as a thought leader in pool marketing & strategy.

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